January 27, 2012

Sending eCards this New Year

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Personalise romantic cards are a great way to show someone how you truly feel. In addition, it shows you went the extra mile to create a one-of-a-kind card just for them instead of merely purchasing a premade card from a shop. With PersonalisedCards.com, you receive a high quality greeting card printed on 350gsm paper, which is the same paper used on greeting cards you find at card shops. Furthermore, the high quality paper features a glossy outside and a matte finish for the interior of the card.

PersonalisedCards.com allows you to personalise romantic cards by adding your own photos and text to the high quality card. In addition, with PersonalisedCards.com, you create and order the personalised card from the comfort of your own home. No more having to make a special trip down to the card shop to pick up a generic greeting card. Furthermore, if you order the personalised card by 2pm, it will be printed and posted that same day. With PersonalisedCards.com you have the option of either allowing them to either post the card directly to your intended recipient or have them ship the personalised romantic card directly to you for you to post or hand deliver the card yourself.

Why shell out £3 per card plus additional cost for postage from those other companies when you can pay only £1.99 for high quality personalised cards which also includes a 1st class postage in the UK from PersonalisedCards.com.

Not only will you save money by using PersonalisedCards.com, but you are also taking a step to help the environment. Since PersonalisedCards.com does not have a storefront and conduct all their business online, they do not require air-polluting trucks to delivery greeting cards to a shop.

Next time you need a quick yet thoughtful gift for that special someone, order a personalised romantic card from PersonalisedCards.com.

December 9, 2011

Break the barrier of communication by using Ecards

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E cards create a light moment of life that is filled with emotions, laughter, tears and the nice emotions you can imagine that come with nice gifts. They are a creation of creativity displayed through animation and background music. Imagine one day receiving an e card with a granny who seems to be in her 80s having have thrown away her walking stick and leading the one hundred meters race amongst other athletes who seem to be in their early twenties and with a personalized message saying “If she did you can”. I would think if she made it why not me!
This e card send out such a great message with a great image and imagine the music background, quite rib racking … this is mind blowing to anyone who was thinking of giving up on whatever course they had a head of them. There are many e cards with great animations custom made to suite the reason as to why you are sending the message. The other day at work we all got an e card from the management reminding us the reason as to why we were employed. The e card message reminded us of how simple our job duties were and how much more money we were being paid for the job.

These basically meant that we are being overpaid for very simple tasks. E cards are an amazing way of ensuring that you are motivated and be up to the task given. Why would anyone prefer to use e cards while there are many cards in the gift shops? E cards are much cheaper compared to actual card, in fact they are free and fast to send, all one needs is a click of their mouse and the recipients email address and then it is sent.
They come in different animations including animations that imitate animals, human beings and the different scenarios. One can decide to lighten up the mood of their very strict boss with an e card that reminds them of being the best bosses ever on the planet or sending a person who really smiles a message that describes the beauty of their smile. E cards have a way of making something that seems too serious have a light touch of humour. E cards have become part and parcel of our lives and they make communication easier for everyone any where.

November 2, 2011

When a Wall Post Is Not Enough

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For a while now, I remember most of my friend’s birthdays from Facebook. I am sure I am not alone. On days when I am extremely busy, I sometimes find myself forgetting to check whose birthday it might be today. The next day, I will take the extra step of check whose birthday it was yesterday.

The other day I was appalled to find that it was my mother-in-law’s birthday I had forgotten the day before. The next step was to view her Wall. Oh my! She received well over three dozen birthday greetings. Even my wife and son had left a Wall Post – and somehow forgotten to mention to me the fact that it was Mum’s/Grandma’s birthday!

A belated Wall Post would never do. I needed to do something better. She was on holiday in a rather remote location – florists were out of the question. There were none within 300 kilometers of her hotel! What could I do. I wracked my brain for a few minutes when the obvious hit me. An eCard!

I spent the next several minutes looking through all of the various birthday options and chose one that best suited the relationship I had with my mother-in-law. It was not an overly strained relationship, but she certainly did not consider me her son either. I did not wish to offend her with an overly humorous mother-in-law eCard. I selected very nice eCard. I added a short message pertaining to her current travels. I suppose I was quite proud of the eCard.

The next day I checked my Facebook account. My mother-in-law had posted on her Wall. “Thanks everyone for the birthday greetings – especially Jonathan who sent me a delightful eCard.”

Guess what? This taught me a valuable lesson. Now when I really want to impress somebody, I send them an eCard on their birthday – or any other occasion for that matter. Sometimes I won’t bother with posting something on their wall. The nice thing about eCards is that they are personal. I can say things that perhaps I would not want to say publicly. And people really appreciate the fact that I went out of my way to send them an eCard. And honestly, it’s not really out of my way.

October 26, 2011

Ecards- Sure to Bring a Smile

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Sending an ecard to someone is a great way to let them know you are thinking about them and that you care. I especially like to send ‘thank you’ ecards. They are thoughtful, and some are interactive, some are just plain funny. Living in a rushed society, it’s much more convenient to send an ecard than it is to pick one out at a shop, mull over what it is you want to say and to send it via post. I love the interactive features, the animation, and especially the sound. It’s more like an experience than receiving a message. Granted, some cards you see in the shop play music as well, but as anyone with young children knows, this is not necessarily a good thing. My two year old snatched my musical card and I have not seen or heard it since!

From the sweet to the cheeky, everything you could want to say can be found in an ecard. There are hundreds, if not thousands of websites you can send ecards from, as opposed to the single aisle in your local shop; one of my favourites is eCards.co.uk. And let’s not even get started on the fact that the price of the cards is printed right on the back. When I send a greeting to someone I want it to say, “This is how much I love you!” Not, “This is all you’re worth to me.” That makes me think of the skit comedian Kevin James did once about buying a card for his wife. He didn’t speak a word, just acted along to music, it was hilarious. My favourite experience with sending an ecard was when I emailed one to my mum at work. It was a congratulations card with loud rap music and dancing frogs. She called me to tell me her co-worker had overheard the music and that they both got a good laugh out of it. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

My favourite experience of receiving an ecard was on our anniversary a few years back. We had just had our first baby and money was tight, so needless to say, I wasn’t expecting anything. I checked my email and received an ecard from husband and it was beautiful! It had beautiful music playing and it was a wagon full of roses and it said, “Seeing this beautiful picture made me think of you. I only wish I could have gotten these for you for real.” It was so thoughtful and sweet, I truly appreciated those emailed roses. Yes, even more than a wagon full of real ones!

October 28, 2010

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How Amazing is this?

If you would like to send Amazing Birthday eCards visit  www.eCards.co.uk

October 26, 2010

Christmas Tips

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Shopping tips

1. Cash in your rewards
Save your supermarket savings stamps! Now that most supermarkets do more than just food; it really is worth filling up some cards with stamps through the year and saving loyalty points so that in November and December you can go on a spree with “free” money, and obviously get more of what you want/need!

2. Get cracking!
Buy your Christmas crackers just after Christmas when they are all reduced, and usually get a couple of really nice boxes of luxury ones dirt-cheap.Put them away with your Christmas decorations for use the following year. The same also works with tableware (papercloths, napkins etc).

3. Remember what you’ve bought!
If you buy presents through the year like I do, make sure you keep a list of what you’ve bought and who it is for. This saves buying a present for someone you’ve already bought for.

4. Get sprout and about!
Do your food shopping in the early hours of Christmas Eve morning. The place will be empty, the staff will be chasing each other with silly string, and it will be a dream of a shopping trip.

5. Cut costs the easy way
Save all your Christmas cards from the previous year, and cut up the cards to make instant gift tags! Simple.

6. Make a list
Avoid a stressful supermarket scrum by planning ahead. Make a list and try to buy non-perishable items on a normal shopping trip in advance. Things in tins or packets will happily keep in the cupboard. Making a list is the best shopping tip.

7. Sneaky shopper
Cook the Christmas cake in November and buy most of the non-perishable food, chocolates, tape, cards and paper throughout the year. If you don’t see most of the family until after Christmas shop in the Boxing Day sales and nobody knows!

8. Military operation
If you hate Christmas shopping treat it like a military operation!  Compile a gift list noting which shops to get them in, and even plan your route to ensure that the heaviest items are bought towards the end of the ‘spree’, to avoid carrying stuff around unnecessarily! Then take yourself off for a celebratory glass of champagne – perfect!

9. Festive brainstorm
Brainstorm all the Yuletide jobs you need to do, then put them on your noticeboard. Mark them off as you do them, or add if required. Have a countdown with final dates too, and always give yourself an extra day to get everything done.

10. Shop online
Buy your children’s Christmas presents online. It is hard to shop with children in tow. By shopping online there’s no way children can see their presents!

11. Homemade advent calendar treats
Get your children involved with the Christmas experience by digging out all the child-friendly utensils such as small wooden spoons and Christmas biscuit-cutters. Spend an afternoon making little edible goodies to go into the advent calendar. They will love it and you will save money!

12. Collect boxes
All year save interesting, useful-shaped and plain but beautiful boxes to use for present wrapping. You will never have to buy expensive Christmas boxes.

13. Early bird
Shop for the small stocking fillers ahead of time – even as early as the January sales. Just remember to stick them away in dark cupboard so the kids can’t find them!

14. Stock up
Always buy plenty of indigestion tablets and cold remedy – and a few small extra presents for the people you forget! And for the perfect Christmas, always have a smile at the ready!

15. Christmas Card tip
Why not go against tradition this year and send Christmas eCards instead of physical cards?  At the end of the day, they only go in the bin, and you will save loads of money and the environment – bonus! Visit www.eCards.co.uk and try it out today!

16. Freezing – a cook’s best-friend
Prepare and freeze lots of comfort food like stews and soups that can just be defrosted and heated up in the microwave in the run-up to Christmas. These are especially good to eat after a late night shopping trip when you don’t want to come home and cook.

17. Book a day-off
Save a day’s holiday for December and use it to finish off Christmas shopping and treat yourself to a lie-in or haircut. The streets are much emptier in the week than on the weekend. Take off Christmas Eve to get in the mood.

18. Stock up with power
Buy a stack of batteries – especially if you have children. There’s nothing worse than not being able to get a new toy going because you forgot the batteries!

19. Use cook’s cheats
Cook as much as possible in advance – and don’t be afraid to use convenience foods.

20. Buy wine
Buy plenty of wine! The only reliable way of being prepared for Christmas is to have large quantities of wine to hand!

October 8, 2010

Cheryl Coles Birthday present to Simon Cowell: 3 musicdal dwarfs.

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Happy Simon

Cheryl Cole presented 3 singing drwafs to simon Cowell for his Birthday.

The three-piece were wearing grey T-shirts with the words ‘Happy Birthday, Love Cheryl’. To Simons delight, they greeted the X Factor super star as he arrived for studio rehearsals in London.

The trio played a violin, drum and accordion as they sang “Happy Birthday” to the blushing Birthday boy.

It turned out that Simon was so impressed with them, he invited the trio to spend the day with him.

Cheryl had booked dwarf actor Phil Holden and tiny pals Ray Griffiths and Darren Horan the night before.   Phil, who is 4ft 6ins, said: “Simon saw us and asked, ‘Are you for me?’ before bursting out laughing. He thought it was the best present he’d ever had.”

I think Cheryl wanted to annoy Simon, but it backfired as he absolutely loved the dwarfs.  Maybe she should have stuck to a Birthday eCard instead – it would have been cheaper!

October 5, 2010

I would not want this for my Birthday!

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This lucky guy got a huge wave for his birthday! I bet he would have preferred a Birthday eCard.

October 4, 2010

Worlds Oldest Twins

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Amazing ladies!

The title of the oldest twins in the world has gone to sisters Ena Pugh and Lily Millward.  Happy 100th Birthday x 2!

Farmer’s daughters Ena Pugh and Lily Millward were born in 1910 before the outbreak of World War 1 when Queen Victoria’s son Edward VII was king.

The pair still live in the own houses, still meet up for weekly shopping sessions and chat on the telephone virtually every night.

The twins used to work on the farm with each other.  They claim that life has been good to them, and taht they have been blessed with good health.

Even at 100 years of age, the pair live independendently, and look foward to Birthday Parties!

The family were told the sisters have beaten odds of more than 700 million to one in becoming centenarians together.

The sisters live just a dozen miles away from each other in the fresh air of the Welsh countryside – Ena at Erwood, near Builth Wells, and Lily still in her home village of Garthbrengy, near Brecon.

If you know someone who deseveres a Birthday eCard surprise, visit www.eCards.co.uk!

October 1, 2010


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Many of us celebrate Halloween – but how many of us know where it originates from?

Halloween was originally a Pagan Holy day called “All Hallows Eve.” It was one of four, and the most powerful, holy days throughout the year when spirits could walk the earth and communicate with the living.

Satanists have adopted Halloween as one of their three main seasonal days of celebration. The others are Wallopings Noach on the 1st May and the Satanist’s birthday.

How do you celebrate Halloween?

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Perfect Pumpkins

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